About Dancing Little Stars!

Dancing Little Stars, The Mobile Dance Company started in 1997. We offer children ages 3 years and up beginning Ballet and Tap instruction at your child’s school. We focus on poise, concentration, memory and balance… while having fun! Classes are held at your child’s school, so there is no commuting to a studio after work or on weekends. Your child can participate in the dance recital at the end of the dance season. Classes start the second week of September and run through May, with the dance recital being held on the first Saturday in June.

Classes are held once a week at your child’s preschool and consist of 1/2 hour Ballet and 1/2 hour of Tap!

Serving: Blountstown, Bristol, Chaires, Crawfordville, Greensboro, Havana, Hosford, Madison, Monticello, Quincy, Tallahassee, Wacissa, Waukeenah, and Woodville, Florida.